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Yomdel and Revolut - Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a selection of answers to the questions we get asked most often. If you can't find the question you have, or the answer you need, don't hesitate to contact Yomdel on 01403 230650, or email: projects@yomdel.com


Q:  “If I already have a Revolut account, do I still get the £25 bonus?”  
A:   Yes, even if you have a personal Revolut account, you will still qualify for the £25 bonus on signing up for this freelance business account.

Q:  “Do I have to pay a fee to Register, for you to be able to pay me into this account?”
A:   No, it’s 100% FREE to register. There are no charges to receive payments from Yomdel (or from other Revolut users).

Q:  “How can I transfer into my normal Bank account?”
A:   You can easily transfer funds from Revolut to your normal bank account via the standard “Faster Payments” to access your cash immediately. The first five transactions with your normal bank each month are free, which is more than enough for most people. 

Q:  “Do I have to open a Freelancer account, or will a Personal account be ok?”
A:   In order to be eligible for the £25 bonus, you will need to open a new Freelancer or Business account with Revolut and then deposit £100.  We can pay into a non-business personal Revolut account if you prefer, but you will not be eligible for the Revolut bonus.

Q:  “I am not a business. This might look like I have to pay VAT?”
A:   No, you don’t have to pay any VAT. Of course, you are liable for standard personal income tax (if appropriate) as usual, there is no change there whatever method of payment we used.

Q:  “Do I have to deposit £100 to get paid?”
A:   No, Yomdel will pay you as normal via the Revolut account.  We wanted to offer you a special thank you for signing up with our new payments partner, so by signing up and depositing £100 (which is still your money), you will also qualify for the free £25 bonus!

Q:  “If I deposit the £100 in stages, does that effect the £25 bonus?”
A:   Yes, to gain the £25 bonus, you must deposit the full £100 in one go.

Q:  “Do I still need to complete an invoice?”
A:   Yes, you will need to use the invoice found on our website to detail the work you have completed, agreed fees and confirm you have a Revolut account. This can be downloaded, filled in and then emailed or posted to us. We are working on this being able to be submitted online and we will keep you updated on this.

Q:  “Why has Yomdel chosen Revolut as its payment partner?”
A:   Yomdel has used Revolut for a few years now and it has consistently shown to be an excellent account. In addition, in these days of ensuring personal and sensitive data is fully protected Yomdel wanted to give you maximum confidence. As such, through using Revolut Yomdel will not store your bank account details, we will simply just need your email address to make payments.

Q:  “Does my £100 have to remain in the Revolut account for a month to be eligible for the £25 bonus?”
A:   No, as soon as the £100 is deposited you qualify for the £25 reward. The resulting £125 total is then yours to use as you wish.

Q:  “Will I get a new Revolut bank card?”
A:   Yes, as part of the deal you will get a Revolut card which acts as a prepaid debit card. It can be used in cash machines, to make card purchases, and to make online purchases.

Q:  “Can I make foreign currency payments?”
A:   Yes, this is where Revolut is exceptionally good.  is especially good if you make any purchases abroad as the exchange rate offered is extremely good, and beyond a simple 0.4% mark up on the exchange rate, there are no other foreign currency transaction fees.

Q:  “What are “Revolut Perks”?
A:   Through having a Revolut account you also qualify for a number of discounts and special offers, including up to 10% off Apple products including Macs, iPhones and accessories.



If you can't find the question you have, or the answer you need,
don't hesitate to contact Yomdel on 01403 230650, or email: projects@yomdel.com