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Proud to sponsor
Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019

SPECIAL OFFER for all Glass of Bubbly subscribers:

HALF PRICE setup fee on all new live chat or mystery shopping contracts


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'Glass of Bubbly' has evolved to become one of the biggest names promoting the glorious and ever expanding world of Champagne and sparkling wines.

Glass of Bubbly is rapidly becoming a driver for business success within the wine industry, not only showcasing the finest fizz from around the globe, but also actively facilitating the promotion of wine producers, merchants and resellers.

Yomdel was chosen as a natural partner for Glass of Bubbly, to offer strategic business growth services to wine labels, producers and merchants, as well as hoteliers and restauranteurs.

To celebrate the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019, Yomdel is offering HALF PRICE set up fees to any subscriber of Glass of Bubbly, on any live chat or mystery shopping contract.

Specialising in Customer Experience services, Yomdel will ensure that your business converts more business leads, and generates greater customer value than it does today.

24/7 fully managed live chat

What if your website had a chat window that popped up when people visit? 

What if that chat window was available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year – and every chat was handled and dealt with, in seconds, by a real human being.
Wouldn’t that make a difference to the number of leads you receive direct from your own website? You bet it would. It usually has a dramatic impact.
Typically over 40% of the Live Chats we handle from all business websites turn into high quality leads – and those leads are exclusive to you. You’re not sharing them with anybody else. And they’re the highest converting leads you can get.
Mystery Shopping

Yomdel's market-leading mystery shopping service enables you to see your brand through the eyes of your customers.

By getting every-day shoppers to engage with your employees and report back on their experience, you can make fundamental changes to the way you work and trust that your staff know how to delight your customers every time! 

Would you like to grow your wine sales?

Take a look at our full suite of CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE services, to see how we can help you grow your business fast, and register on the form above for a fuss free, no pressure chat with our team.